Monday, August 29, 2011

Talking online

There was a boy who was talking online with a girl who was the same age as him 17. They have been talking  for 2 years and she said lets meet._____ He said okay where at?____ She said at the Big Boy at 10:00 pm the next day.____He said okay I will be there. When he got to the Big Boy it was closed he texted her and said where you?____She said right behind you. He turned around and it was a 45 year old man who hit him in the head with a crowbar. And the boy was never seen again.Then the mom called the police that her son is missing. The police have been searching for the17 year old kid for 3 years, the police called off the search. Then 2 months later he called his mom and was talking to her, then she heard a voice behind her son, and the voice toke the phone and said goodbye. Then she called the police again and had them trace the call and they found the boy in a basement at the 45 year old man.


  1. that makes sense, like the part about the two people talking and meeting, it happens a lot, people getting ubducted, it happens all the time

  2. very good it was like i was there did this really happen?

  3. Blake I think this is a great story about talking to people online.This gives a powerful message to those who DO talk to strangers online.
    Keep blogging!
    - Abby :)

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